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Increase your sales with ICash. This revolutionary card works much like a debit or credit card, only with a lot more benefits to your customer as well as you. Thousands of ICash users will become your customers. By partnering with us and accepting ICash, you can include one more payment option for your customers. Timely payments will be settled timely to your bank account. Unlike credit cards and debit cards, that requires you to have an internet connection, computer and printers, ICash comes with an of innovative option of mobile payment, along with the usual credit card like swipe machine. There by helping smaller merchants to reap benefits from smaller transactions.


  • Increase in sales through target based marketing
  • Option to track and reward loyal customers
  • Earn as your customer keeps spending on anything anywhere using ICash
  • Lower transaction cost compared to credit and debit cards
  • No credit reversal – there is no credit reversal based on customer complaint as in credit cards Any value settlement – No limit on value
  • Quick settlement - Next banking day money settlement*


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