Scholar card

It is a Multipurpose Prepaid card with cash value which enables students to make payments within and outside campus& avail discounts It also works as ID CARD and ACCESS CARD for attendance purposes.

Why Scholar card

  • Cash on Plastic. Currently no banks offer credit card to student
  • Access to E-commerce portals for online purchase (Convenience)
  • Pay for low value transactions (Inside and outside Campus)
  • Secured and multiple payment mode (Mobile, Online, Physical Swap)
  • No Credit Checks on Transaction (OTP)
  • Student’s specific Value deals
  • Enhanced/Improved Cash equivalent Value


Student’s Benefits

  • Enhance global purchase reach
  • Can be used across all modes of payment – Mobile, Net, Physical swap
  • Insurance with hospitalization benefits
  • Subsidized rates/deals across Food, Lifestyle , Travel and all other essential services

Benefits to parents

  • Easy and immediate Transfer of funds from any bank to scholar card
  • MIS access of card uses
  • Convenience of sending money at regular intervals rather than monthly transfer

Advantages to College

  • College brings the world to its Campus
  • Cashless Transaction system inside campus
  • iCash will invest on setting up software and hardware required for creating Cashless campus
  • MIS reports to monitor all inside campus transactions