Multi-Utility Corporate Access Cards

ID Card+ Access Card+ Prepaid Card

ICASH for Corporates is launched to help companies streamline ID/Access and also provide an ecosystem for the employees to use the prepaid card within the premises like the Pantry or Canteen, Library and expenses incurred on official travel and purchases that can be credited back to the card.

The ICASH service provides self service tools for budgeting, tracking and controlling deposits that employees use for day to day spending.

ICASH is committed to making card-based payments common in the workplace by introducing useful products companies of any size can access easily and economically. Our services bring together the components businesses need to make corporate disbursements controlled and efficient.

Why ICASH for Corporates?

  • Get money to your staff quickly for perks/expenses like travel, food allowances etc.,
  • Employees are in control as to how much amount is loaded on the card and how they spend
  • Cashless environment
  • 24/7 control with online tools
  • Transaction history is maintained for posterity


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